STOP ICE ABUSES! Immigrants and refugees are people. Yet, Trump denies their basic humanity. Enraged by his inability to “build the wall,” Trump focuses obsessively on the number of immigrants/refugees attempting to cross the border each month and seeks to appease his base by encouraging abuses and policies aimed at lowering that number. Trump has […]

THE HOUSE MUST ACT NOW TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY AND PROTECT DREAMERS The midterm elections are coming, and moderate Republicans, fearing defeat, are bypassing party leaders:  Senate Democrats and 3 Republicans used the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to protect net neutrality The discharge petition to overturn net neutrality repeal is gaining momentum in the House […]

What did we learn from the vote on Measure 101? We learned that when we Get Out The Vote, we can win! 1. Measure 101 actually passed if you add up all the votes in Congressional District 2.  *It passed strongly in Jackson, Deschutes, Hood River and Wasco counties. The measure ALMOST passed in Gilliam, […]

Walden wants you to pay more for the internet Who wants their internet to be slower and more expensive, with corporations deciding what we can and cannot see? Congressman Greg Walden does! As chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, he is supporting a move by the Trump administration to end “net neutrality.” Net neutrality […]