Walden wants you to pay more for the internet


Walden wants you to pay more for the internet

Who wants their internet to be slower and more expensive, with corporations deciding what we can and cannot see?
Congressman Greg Walden does! As chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, he is supporting a move by the Trump administration to end “net neutrality.”
Net neutrality is a set of rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 that says the internet should be open, fast and free. It prevents large service providers like AT&T and Comcast from slowing down or blocking content so they can make more money from consumers. Just imagine the internet being divided up into levels, like cable. Can you afford a basic plan with just a few sites? How much are you willing to pay to have access to more sites?
This is what we are risking. Walden and other Republicans in Congress have decided that profits are more important than the free exchange of information.
But that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Walden received over $300,000 in donations from communication and telecom companies in the last election cycle, according to the Federal Elections Commission. It’s pretty easy to see where his loyalties lie–and it’s NOT with the people who live in his congressional district.

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