Oregon District 2 Indivisible has just begun! We are a collective of volunteers and Indivisible activists living in Oregon’s Congressional District 2. At ORD2I, we organize rallies, post Calls-to-Action (CTA’s), collaborate with other groups on shared priorities, meet with our Members of Congress (MoC’s), engage the media, and provide training, information, and other resources to strengthen our activism.

Who are we? Currently, we are a group of about 50 active volunteers managing specific tasks such as social media, rally organization, data management, daily CTA’s, this website, and much more. Our founders, Jessica Sage and Bret Levick, were overjoyed by the initial response by 2000+ people who want to be a part of the resistance, and 200+ people who want to directly volunteer. Frankly, we were also a little overwhelmed. The group quickly realized that we need to organize a simple structure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing ORD2I. Please stay-tuned as we more finely tune. In the meantime, stay focused on the daily Call-to-Action, attend the Tuesday rallies in Medford, and MAKE THOSE CALLS to Walden, Wyden, and Merkley!


The Indivisible movement rose out of the ashes of the November 2016 election. A group of former congressional staffers wrote a guide for people who want to oppose the Trump administration. The guide is based the Tea Party’s strategies and actions that waged consistent and unrelenting (and successful) opposition against the Obama administration.

For more information on the movement, to download the guide, search a list of local Indivisible groups, and access resistance tools visit [https://www.indivisibleguide.com]


ORD2 Indivisible is all-inclusive. We want everyone who shares our purpose to join our work. Please read the Indivisible Guide, Sign Up for our emails, join us on social media, participate in our CTA’s, meetings, rallies, and other events. What’s the most effective action you can take just by using your voice? Call your MoC’s and tell them how you feel about the issues.