Call to Action: April 16, 2018



In another attack on the poor, House Republicans last week unveiled their $865 billion Farm Bill. The bill strengthens farm programs, but it snatches food stamps from millions of poor people.

The bill: 
Increases work requirements for 5 to 7 million people to qualify for nutrition assistance
Eliminates SNAP’s “heat and eat” provisions for certain households
May take free school meals away from as many as 200,000 children

The farm bill was released on the same day that Trump signed an executive order directing the entire federal government to tighten poverty programs. Praised by the Heartland Institute, Trump is also considering drug testing for food assistance.

The bill’s critics say poor people are not poor because they aren’t working hard. They are poor because conservatives have blocked living wages and healthcare, and attacked union rights.

Passing the bill is a priority for House Republicans this election year. But it is sure to set off a fight with Democrats, who were locked out of writing the Farm Bill. That fight is expected to break out when debate begins.

Call Complicit Greg Walden!

Demand Compassion!

**ACTION 1: Call Complicit Greg Walden**

SAMPLE SCRIPT for Greg Walden: 
“My name is [–] and I’m a constituent and voter from [city], Oregon, [zip code]. I am calling to express my strong disapproval of the Farm Bill. The bill provides safety nets for dairy farmers but takes away food stamps from millions, including thousands in your district. I am asking that Mr. Walden put the needs of his constituents first and protect nutrition assistance. This isn’t an ideological issue, it’s about basic human needs. Thank you.”

**ACTION 2: Remember Walden’s Vote in the Midterm Elections**

Make note of how Greg Walden votes on the Farm Bill and remember that vote when it comes time for you to cast your own vote in November’s midterm elections.

DC (202) 225-6730, Medford: (541) 776-4646,
Bend (541) 389-4408, La Grande (541) 624-2400