ORD2 General Meeting and Oregon Measure 101

It’s time for our next ORD2 Indivisible General Meeting!  This is our opportunity to gather as a group to review the many things that have transpired over the past year, to reflect on our successes and to gird our loins for what is yet to come.  Terrie Martin, Board of Directors and Steering Committee Member will present an outline of our 2018 goals.  We will dedicate time for Q and A.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that ORD2 Indivisible District Liaison David Smith will discuss and share a presentation about Oregon Measure 101, the Oregon Healthcare Insurance Premiums Tax for Medicaid Referendum.  The State of Oregon will be conducting a special election on January 23 to determine the fate of this critical measure.

David Smith:

“We will be working with dozens of allies across Oregon in support of Measure 101, from healthcare providers to advocacy groups. ORD2 is joining other Indivisible groups across the state in a high-impact campaign to get Indivisibles enrolled in ground-pounding electoral work. This follows Indivisible National’s new electoral strategy to elect progressives up and down the ballot – which helped generate massive progressive wins in Virginia, New Jersey, and elsewhere on election day!”

Components of his presentation include:

  • Indivisible National’s electoral approach and how it applies to ORD2 and the Measure 101 campaign
  • Canvassing, turf-cutting (no, it has nothing to do with lawns), and how to talk to your neighbors about voting and healthcare
  • Measure 101 – what is it, what does it mean, how do we get it passed?
  • Mobilizing into teams and planning our ground game to GET OUT THE VOTE!  We will call upon these skills during the 2018 primary and general elections!

For additional information regarding Oregon Measure 101, click on this link:,_Healthcare_Insurance_Premiums_Tax_for_Medicaid_Referendum_(2018)

Regarding Measure 101, Representative Pam Marsh recently posted on Facebook:  “One of my proudest moments in the 2017 session was voting to stabilize funding for the one million Oregonians enrolled in our Medicaid program. A YES vote on Measure 101 in the special January election will affirm the legislature’s decision.”  She also shared the following link:

Special requests:

  • Bring non-perishable donations for the Ashland Food Bank.  Everyone who brings 4 items will be given an ORD2 button.
  • Bring cookies to share with one and all!

Special guest performer:

We sincerely hope you will join us on December 11.  This is a great opportunity for you to invite family members, friends and neighbors – everyone is welcome.  We have an unprecedented amount of work to do in 2018 and anything is possible as we remain INDIVISIBLE!

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