Call to Action: April 17, 2018



Trump flouts the law and has no coherent plan. He acts like a mob boss demanding loyalty with no thought for the republic. Trump:

Obstructs justice:
— firing James Comey
— asking witnesses what they told Mueller
— ordering White House counsel to fire Mueller, later backing off

Abuses pardons:
— pardoning Joe Arpaio who refused to stop “the worst racial profiling in US history”
— pardoning Scooter Libby, convicted of obstructing justice, a crime for which Trump himself is under investigation

Deploys the military on a whim via tweet: 
sending the National Guard to the Mexico border when he couldn’t get his wall built
launching his unauthorized military strike in Syria citing concerns for “women and children” while the US has only accepted 11 Syrian refugees this year

And now Trump is on the precipice of throwing us into a constitutional crisis by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and/or Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Congress must step up and do their job by:
protecting Mueller
sunsetting the current Authorization for Use of Military Force
letting refugees in

Trump is not Above the Law!

Where’s Complicit Greg Walden!?!

**ACTION 1: Call Complicit Greg Walden and our Senators**
(Leave a message if you can’t get through.)

“My name is [–] and I’m a constituent and voter from [city], Oregon [zip code]. Trump is making decisions about war with no plan and he continually obstructs justice and threatens to fire those in charge of the Russia investigation. Congress is abdicating its role as a coequal branch of government and is abandoning refugees. I ask the Senator/Greg Walden to work to pass legislation that 1) protects Mueller, 2) sunsets the current Authorization for Use of Military Force, 3) lets refugees in. Thank you.”

**ACTION 2: Remember for the Midterms**

It has become clear that we need a different Congress to stand up to this White House. Trump can do what he is doing in large part because of a Congress that supports him and/or looks the other way. Make sure you and everyone you know is registered to vote.  Make sure every candidate for Congress is answering questions about maintaining the rule of law under Trump. The 2018 elections will be the most important of our lives.

DC (202) 225-6730, Medford: (541) 776-4646,
Bend (541) 389-4408, La Grande (541) 624-2400

Portland: (503) 326-3386, DC: (202) 224-3753
Salem: (503) 362-8102, Eugene: (541) 465-6750
Medford: (541) 608-9102, Bend: (541) 318-1298
Pendleton: (541) 278-1129

Portland: (503) 326-7525, DC: (202) 224-5244
Salem: (503) 589-4555, Eugene: (541) 431-0229
Medford: (541) 858-5122, Bend: (541) 330-9142
La Grande: (541) 960-7691


We are hoping for additional volunteers to join our Ironing Board Brigade to help people Register to Vote at the Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Markets on Tuesdays in Ashland and Thursdays in Medford.  Additional details are included in the April 15 ORD2 Newsletter.  Please send an e-mail to if you are able to assist in this extremely important effort.