Call to Action: January 2, 2018



Last year, we contacted our Members of Congress to share our concerns and demand action. Except for Greg Walden, they were generally responsive, vigorously opposing the GOP Tax Scam and TrumpCare bills.

But we have unfinished business from 2017. We must secure “clean” protection for Dreamers and permanent funding for CHIP, community health centers, and natural disaster victims when the continuing resolution comes up for a vote again. These are issues that have bipartisan support.

Five of our seven Oregon MoCs voted against the continuing resolution because they did not include these protections. (Exceptions were DeFazio and Walden.) But we need our MoCs to DO MORE! We need them to take our concerns to their leadership and persuade other MoCs to vote to protect the most vulnerable – starting with the vote on the next continuing resolution.

If the Government shuts down because Republicans pay lip service to protecting Dreamers and providing funding for CHIP and disaster victims, but refuse to vote for these measures, then the Republicans most own their failure. Our Members of Congress must courageously fight for a positive agenda that ensures that all Americans have economic justice, social justice, racial justice, healthcare justice, a clean environment, and equal rights.

Get up! Stand up!

Stand up for what’s right!

**ACTION 1: Call our Senators and Congressman Walden**
(Leave a message if you can’t get through.)

SAMPLE SCRIPT for Senators Wyden and Merkley:
“My name is [–] and I’m a constituent from [city], Oregon [zip code]. I want to thank the Senator for voting “no” on the last continuing budget resolution. Soon he will be voting on another continuing budget resolution. Please promise me that he will stand up for what’s right and vote “yes” on the next continuing resolution ONLY if it has a Clean DREAM Act, permanent CHIP funding and disaster relief. Also, that he will take our concerns to the Democratic leadership and pressure them to get their caucus to stand with you. Thank you.”

SAMPLE SCRIPT for Congressman Walden: 
“My name is [–] and I’m a constituent from [city], Oregon [zip code]. Soon Congressman Walden will be voting on a continuing budget resolution. I am asking him to finally put people before party and to think about his constituents, not his donors, when he takes these votes. I am asking him to stand up for what’s right and vote “yes” on the next continuing resolution ONLY if contains a Clean DREAM Act, permanent CHIP funding and disaster relief. It is his moral responsibility to provide for all Americans. Thank you.”

**ACTION 2: Share with Friends and Family**

Share this post with friends and family. Help them leave messages for their Congressional delegation about protecting/funding a clean DREAM Act, CHIP, community healthcare and disaster relief in the next continuing budget resolution and by pressuring the Democratic leadership to get their caucus to take a stand for what’s right.

DC (202) 225-6730, Medford: (541) 776-4646,
Bend (541) 389-4408, La Grande (541) 624-2400

Portland: (503) 326-3386, DC: (202) 224-3753
Salem: (503) 362-8102, Eugene: (541) 465-6750
Medford: (541) 608-9102, Bend: (541) 318-1298
Pendleton: (541) 278-1129

Portland: (503) 326-7525, DC: (202) 224-5244
Salem: (503) 589-4555, Eugene: (541) 431-0229
Medford: (541) 858-5122, Bend: (541) 330-9142
La Grande: (541) 960-7691


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