Call To Action: Monday, March 6, 2017

House Republicans are planning to ram through an Obamacare/ACA repeal bill that will jeopardize health care coverage for 32 million Americans. They refuse to share a draft of the bill or any of its details for the public or even other Members of Congress (MoCs) to review. They are also rushing to approve the bill without releasing a formal cost estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which analyzes how much federal legislation will cost or save American taxpayers—known as a “score.”

Americans deserve an open and honest debate about this bill!

Greg Walden told Republican activists Saturday, March 4, that he’s close to producing a bill that will serve as his party’s chief vehicle for replacing the Affordable Care Act. In his speech at the annual Dorchester Conference in Salem, he disclosed that he has been negotiating the details with House Speaker Paul Ryan and top Trump administration officials on how they were going to

“repeal and replace Obamacare very, very soon.”

After his speech, Walden told reporters that key Republicans are still hashing out how to deal with Medicaid, the federal program that the Obama administration expanded to help subsidize coverage for poorer recipients—a provision of the ACA that is crucial to supporting Oregon’s healthcare delivery system.

Demand full transparency in ACA repeal efforts!


A vote on the bill in two key committees is planned this week for Thursday, March 9, without a cost estimate, and giving MOCs only a few hours to review the bill—contrary to Walden’s claim that he’ll “release the bill when it is complete and everyone will have plenty of time to digest it before the committee begins voting on the issue.” We expect supporters of the bill want to get it through before they head home for the next recess (April 8-23), not wanting to face us at town halls in their districts to answer questions about plans for repealing and replacing the ACA. Like Walden, they seem to prefer legislating behind closed doors, keeping us in the dark.

Enough is enough!


Sample Script

“My name is [–] and I’m a voting constituent from [city], Oregon, zip code [—]. I am calling today to oppose any congressional action on any ACA repeal bill without a transparent process, including a public CBO score. Please tell Congressman Walden that I think his secretive approach to repealing and replacing the ACA is unacceptable for two reasons. First, the contents of this bill are life and death matters for many of us, and must be openly debated so that we can express our concerns and influence the final outcome. Second, to proceed with a bill of this magnitude without a public CBO score is the height of fiscal irresponsibility. He recently said we would have ample time to consider the bill once it’s publicly released. A few hours, or even a few days, is NOT ample time. Thank you.”


Medford (541) 776-4646
Bend (541) 389-4408
La Grande (541) 624-2400
DC (202) 225-6730


32 million Americans deserve to know how the GOP plans to take away their healthcare -- so why is the GOP treating this like some kind of treasure hunt or game of hide and seek? Tell your Representative to demand a CBO score on the top secret plan to take away your health care before ANY congressional action. No score, no vote. Make sure they know how many people in your district would lose their ACA Plan through repeal (you can find this info on our website. #noscorenovote #nosecretplan #resist #congress #house #makeyourvoiceheard #accountable #transparency #democracy #indivisible #indivisibleguide #standindivisible