Non ORD2 Event: Candidate Health Care Forum – Medford

The Health Care Action Group of the Jackson County Democratic Party is sponsoring this Candidate Health Care Forum, where you can ask candidates for U.S. Congress and the Oregon State Senate about their positions on health care.

The following candidates plan to attend this forum:

Julian Bell, Oregon State Senate
Eric Burnette, U.S. Congress
Michael Byrne, U.S. Congress
Jim Crary, U.S. Congress
Jeff Golden, Oregon State Senate
Jamie McLeod-Skinner, U.S. Congress
Kevin Stine, Oregon State Senate
Timothy White, U.S. Congress

Lauri Hoagland, FNP and Chair of the Jackson County Democratic Healthcare Caucus will moderate the forum. To submit questions, please contact Lauri. Call/Text: 707-695-6262

Watch the livestream of this healthcare forum on 12/13 at 7:00 PM at