Call to Action – Resist Trump Tuesday – March 28, 2017

March 28, 2017

Who:    Oregon District 2 Indivisible

What:   Resist Trump Tuesday Rally

When:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Beginning at Noon

Where:  NEW LOCATION!!!  VOGEL PLAZA, Corner of East Main and Central, Medford


Victory Celebration!

It has been another stunning week, replete with twists and turns.  Thank you for the calls, messages and e-mails, everything you have done over the past few weeks that resulted in the withdrawal of the AHCA, proposed legislation that would have resulted in the loss of medical coverage for millions of Americans.  Let’s join together, catch our breath and share a moment of victory!  There is so much more we will need to do but let’s celebrate this week and share our collective joy.

Scheduled speakers include:

MC:  Doug Warner
Jessica Sage
Bret Levick
Alice DiMicele
Mori Samel-Garloff
Gayle Wilson

Bring large American flags and signs reflecting the efforts of ORD2 Indivisible in Defending our Democracy:

One Issue at a time, One Telephone Call at a time and One Rally at a time!

We will have six newly designed, way-cool ORD2 Indivisible bumper stickers for sale!  Stickers are $5 cash or bring checks payable to ORD2 Indivisible.

There will be no march this week, we will begin and end our rally at Vogel Plaza.  We will celebrate all of our ORD2 Indivisible efforts and accomplishments over the past ten weeks.  We will look to the future with renewed commitment and strength!

Please join us on Tuesday, March 28 at noon at Vogel Plaza.  Those interested in carpooling, please meet at the mailboxes by Shop ‘n Cart, 2268 Ashland Street at 11:00 a.m.