Call to Action: July 4, 2018


This Independence Day comes with a message: It’s YOUR TURN to fight for America.

We must fight to keep Trump from destroying our country.

The Constitution is the foundation of our democracy, but Americans are bound together by shared values – that truth is essential, that reason is valuable, that America is a decent country, and more.

Trump is spitting on those values. He is doing it to hold power and add to his pile of money. He is dismantling government, further enriching the rich and abandoning the helpless. We can Stand Indivisible to fight this and his enabler, GregWalden.

Trump succeeds by deploying fear, lies and threats, by undermining trusted institutions and by setting Americans against each other.

The future he is herding us toward is not one of hope and progress but of profound inequity and rampant racism. Together, we can build a brighter future.

“This is a moment of great urgency . . . ,” Obama said last week. But, he added, “It is entirely within our power to solve this.

Vote! Participate! Get involved!”

Get off the sidelines and join the fight of your life. Give $5 a week or 15 minutes a day if that’s all you can spare. Do more if you can.


  • Check out Indivisible Oregon’s website for resources to resist Trump, participate in the midterms, and ways to volunteer.
  • Keep up with the news. It’s not pleasant but it is essential. Daily email digestsfrom trusted newspapers break up new into easy to consume bites.
  • Support a trusted newspaper or Public Broadcasting station.
  • Read the Indivisible Guide and volunteer with an Indivisible group or Swing Left.
  • Check out the site for Nasty Women Get Shit Done for resources including “Activism for Introverts” and an extensive compilation of ideas for activism (at and hit “Download the Printable Guide.”)