Call to Action: February 24, 2018

Amend the Oregon Constitution to Recognize
Health Care as a Fundamental Right

As we saw with the enormous win for Measure 101 in January, we Oregonians have been clear: We believe that access to health care is simply non-negotiable for our communities. The HOPE Amendment is the next step.

Right now, 95% of Oregonians have health insurance.
Let’s make it 100%.

The HOPE Amendment (House Joint Resolution 203) has already passed Oregon’s House of Representatives and is currently in committee in the Senate. If passed by the Senate, it will be up to the voters this November to decide whether the Constitution of Oregon be amended, adding a new section which would read:

“It is the obligation of the state to ensure
that every resident of Oregon has access to
cost-effective, medically appropriate and affordable health care
as a fundamental right.” [HJR 203]

Oregon has been a pioneer in changing our health care delivery system to make it more effective, affordable and accessible. HOPE enables us to continue to be a model for the rest of the nation in the face of great national uncertainty.

Tell your State Senator
to support the HOPE Amendment

The 2018 Oregon “short” legislative session began February 5 and ends at midnight March 11. The House has already passed this measure.  Now, your state senator needs to hear your voice. 

** ACTION 1: Sign the Petition** 

Sign the petition sponsored by the Oregon Nurses Association.

**ACTION 2: Call Your State Senator** 

Not sure who your state legislators are? Check here: Who represents me?

“My name is [-] and I’m a constituent from [City], Oregon. I am calling to urge you to support the HOPE Amendment. Oregon has always been a pioneer when it comes to health care. We know that preventative care is more cost-effective than emergency room care. This legislation is a critical step that will spur this state to provide innovative, effective and efficient health care for all Oregonians.  Can I count on you to vote Yes on the HOPE Amendment?”

State Senator Alan DeBoer (Republican – District 3 – Ashland)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1703

State Senator Herman E. Baertschiger, Jr. (Republican – District 2 – Grants Pass)
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1702
District Phone: 541-787-1702

**ACTION 3: Learn More and Get Involved**

Read the current text of the bill here. Follow the bill here.
Visit and Like Rogue Valley Health Care for All Oregon’s Facebook page here.

Background Information on Oregon State Legislature: Oregon’s state legislature consists of a 60-member House of Representatives and a 30-member Senate. Each constituent is represented by one representative and one senator.

You can sign up for newsletters from your state legislators and even alerts on particular bills on the Oregon legislative website.