Call to Action: December 20, 2018

14 Days Until The House Turns BLUE! 


Two weeks from today, on January 3, 2019, the 116th US Congress will be sworn in. Because of YOU and millions of others around the country who joined the #Resistance two years ago, the House of Representatives will be controlled by an increasingly progressive Democratic Party. In combination with Donald Trump’s overwhelming legal and political troubles, flipping the House BLUE marks a YUUUGE turning point in our battle to contain and reverse trumpism. 

Your CTA team, Jim Bachman and David Kirk, will be taking a break from publishing daily actions until January 2. In the meantime, rest up for the next two-years as we continue our efforts to hold our members of Congress and the Trump regime ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, because . . . 

Talk is cheap.

Greg Walden proves that every day. 

We’ll be keeping our eyes open for actionable developments on the political front over the holidays. Should something come up that demands immediate action, we will publish a CTA to alert you. And definitely make calls to our elected officials – on any day, on any topic – whenever you feel inspired to do so.

Until then, safe holidays with our best wishes!