SC Action Items: 2017-04-27

  1. Finalize an Activist Opportunity section on the website; utilize in order to form a Rally Coordination Team of 3 or more volunteers.
  2. Finalize “First 100 Days” Summary Statement; send out via MailChimp on Saturday, April 29.
  3. Contact Eagle Point Library to reserve a meeting room for an ORD2 Introductory Meeting to be held on Saturday, May 13.
  4. Contact 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford to reserve the upstairs room for a casual social gathering on May 17.  Consider roving locations for casual social gatherings the third Wednesday of each month.
  5. Contact Church of the Rogue, First United Methodist Church in Medford regarding availability for an ORD2 general group meeting on either Saturday May 20th or Sunday May 21st.
  6. Obtain clarification from Legal Team / OI National regarding fundraising / crowd funding for advertisement / media campaign utilizing billboards, public transit, websites, etc. focused on Walden’s stand on issues.  Clarify what types of messages we can convey avoiding exposure to ORD2.
  7. Move the “I Made the Call” button to the bottom of the Call to Action template; move the “Donate to ORD2 Indivisible” button to the top of the Call to Action template.