SC Action Items: 2017-03-01

  1. Notify those who post non-ORD2 Indivisible sponsored events on our Facebook page:
    While we are pleased to have other groups / organizations post events on our website, please include “This is not an ORD2 Indivisible sponsored event“ within your posting.
  2. Add “an independent” to first sentence of the Mission Statement:
    Oregon District 2 Indivisible is an independent grassroots organization dedicated to resisting the Trump Agenda.
  3. Determine feasibility of conducting our next public introductory in early April (possible location SOU
  4. Present suggestions for holding a Round Robin style meeting including Team Coordinators at next SC meeting (March 8, 2017)
  5. Determine feasibility of conducting a social event for ORD2 Indivisible volunteers
  6. Each SC member will provide an update / summary regarding the area where they function as liaison over the course of the next week
  7. Contact Walden’s office to schedule our next meeting with the ORD2 Indivisible SC Update on ACA activity
  8. Order bumper stickers of various designs
  9. Review meeting posting requests and approve for posting on Facebook
  10. Add Volunteers Needed notification on website: We are forming a team to identify, follow and report on local and state issues. This includes but is not limited to resolutions, legislation, rulings and candidates.
  11. Draft a description of and definition for the Action Team. Present at next SC meeting
  12. Select Team Coordinator
  13. Draft “What Can I Do Today” list to assist ORD2 participants take actions in addition to regular CTAs. Present at next SC meeting.
  14. Add “Evolving ORD2 Organizational Chart” to website
  15. Review Bylaws draft, present suggested revisions at next SC meeting
  16. Create “Fund Development” team
  17. Crate “Legal Team”
  18. Open ORD2 Indivisible P. O. Box