Looking Beyond Our First 100 Days of Resistance

Celebrating our Accomplishments

These first 100 days of the 45th President’s administration have been an incredible journey for ORD2 Indivisible. We experienced unprecedented interest and enthusiasm from the community at the outset and quickly saw the need for organization to manage all the new members we were attracting. A dedicated group of volunteers emerged as a Steering Committee to guide decisions for the organization. From that group the wheels were set in motion for our organization to become a non-profit 501c4 and a Board of Directors was later created. Our media, research and admin teams worked tirelessly to create new Calls to Action so that we had scripts with which to call our members of Congress, and our events team hosted a new rally each Resist Trump Tuesday with a specific focus and a group of guest speakers. We showed up to Senators Wyden and Merkley’s Town Halls and most recently Representative Walden’s Town Hall which we’d been demanding from the beginning. We’ve seen two Muslim Bans overturned in court, the first GOP health care bill fail before it went to vote, Flynn fired, Sessions recuse himself, Chaffetz announce his upcoming resignation and Bannon removed from the NSC. We keep making our voices heard and we are making a difference.


With all new endeavors there are growing pains and we in ORD2 Indivisible are no exception. For starters, many of you signed up with an interest in a specific area and for some of you we missed the opportunity to engage you in a team that could utilize your skills. Others had ideas for the organization to pursue and were met with an “I don’t know,” “We’ll look into that,” or “Let’s wait.” Frustration ensued for some, and for others morale declined. It’s the last intended result any of us had but we want to make sure that you know we’ve heard your comments, concerns and frustrations, and we’ve put new systems in place and adopted new tools to help us say yes more often. We can’t promise there won’t be more fumbles as we grow, but we are committed to hearing what you have to say and addressing our weaknesses. At this point, we could grow restless, weary and frustrated. Instead, we need to be more vigilant and more indivisible than ever.

Our Vision for the Next 100 Days

We want to let you know about the vision we are working on and ask you for your ongoing commitment. While our vision may not be fully formed we do have numerous ideas we will develop with your help. Most importantly, our mission is steadfast. Our mission remains resisting the Trump agenda and holding our Members of Congress accountable, and you, the members of ORD2 do that important work every day by learning more about the issues, reading the CTAs, making your calls, and staying engaged. But together we can do more, much more, and we have a number of ideas that we want to pursue.

How Will You Resist?

Here’s the thing, the volunteers currently engaged in the growth and development of this organization need YOU! As an all volunteer grassroots organization everyone has just so much time they can devote to a mission (that perhaps didn’t even exist before election or inauguration day) when their lives are already full with work, family and commitments. We know that’s true for you too, but maybe with an hour of time each week you can attend a meeting of another community organization as an Outreach Liaison (about an issue or group you’re passionate about), or you can do some Walden research on a topic you’re curious about, or help organize an event that will help educate and enliven our community.

Please visit our new webpage Activist Opportunities and sign up for a task that calls you.
Thank you for all you have done, for your commitment and support, for your messages of gratitude, for your ideas, recommendations and suggestions. The next 100 days are upon us, the stakes are higher than ever and this truly is our time to be Indivisible!